Oil Pumpjack in Alberta Canada

Our Services

The oil and gas industry can be tricky. We know that if one of your wells hits a roadblock, it can affect timing on the other projects that are ready to go. That’s why we’re committed to keeping things moving and getting each project completed on time.

From sour gas and native affairs to regulatory affairs, we know who to call, how to get permission and exactly what needs to be done so we can get one project wrapped up and the next one underway.

Here are some of the things we take care of:

Our administration team is experienced and committed. Taylor Land Services focuses on each and every client and their individual needs. Our administration team handles a wide range of services:

  • Project Planning
  • Freehold Document Preparation
  • Crown Applications
  • Supplement Preparation Coordination
  • SRB Arbitration Applications
  • Special Areas Applications
  • AER Compliance
  • AUC Compliance
  • NEB Compliance
  • Third Party Consents
  • FMA Wavier Acquisition
  • Historical Clearance
  • First Nations Consultation Liaison
  • Title Search and Land Titles Registration

Taylor Land Services understands that there are fluctuations in any business cycle, which could leave your team short staffed for periods of time. These periods of fluctuation would not justify expanding you G&A footprint. Let Taylor Land Services help fill the gap for such occurrences like; staffing to help replace temporary leaves-of-absents, or completing that one off project that you may need an extra hand with. Whatever your project, big or small, Taylor Land Services has the experienced staff ready to assist you needs.


  • Contract services are provided for various roles including Contract Administration, Surface Land Administration, A&D and Project Management.
  • We providing staffing on a contract basis to fulfill various part-time or full-time roles and support project related work
  • We are also willing to place our current experienced employees “in house” to facilitate all of your surface land needs. Additionally, Taylor Land Services can provide various levels of general administrative support conveniently from our office.
  • Taylor Land Services has numerous experienced contractors on standby that are available on short notice, allowing our clients to save time and money.

Everyone in the oil and gas industry knows there are rules and regulations we all have to comply with. But the one thing we’ve mastered is how to work within these rules, yet get the job done as quickly as we can. It’s our experience and insight that allows us to efficiently navigate through agencies and government bodies so we can acquire surface rights and meet licensing requirements. And if there happens to be a dispute with a landowner, we’ll make sure these issues are resolved quickly and painlessly too. It’s just another example of how our elite team can work for you.

Here are some of the things we take care of:

  • Non Routine applications and Routine applications
  • Time line development for regulatory compliance
  • Assistance with submission requirements
  • Conflict resolution & Alternate dispute resolution and hearing preparation
  • Identification of landowner objections
  • Landowner education with regards to AER process
  • Hosting of community open houses

Our elite team of licensed surface land agents brings unprecedented experience to your project. Our agents understand the relationship needed between operator and stakeholders to ensure a positive experience for both parties. We believe in not only acquiring the documentation but representing your company in the best possible manner. We respect the stakeholders and view surface land as a window to a partnership with the community and the energy industry. Our agents handle a broad scope of services:

  • Project Management
  • Pipeline Planning and Route Selection
  • Survey Coordination
  • Lease Negotiation and Acquisition
  • Annual Compensation Reviews
  • Construction Support
  • Surface Rights Board Arbitration, Pre Hearings, Mediation and Presentations
  • AER Mediation and Presentation
  • Damage Settlements
  • Supplement Liaisons
  • Consent of Occupant Agreements on SRD and Special Area Administered Lands

Our Field services team is dedicated to providing personalized, accessible services with unwavering integrity.

Here at Taylor Land Services, we have always believed you should do what you’re good at.
What are we good at? We are good at Surface Land! With three decades of corporate management experience behind us, we can confidently coordinate and implement the exploration and development program for a client of any size. We have developed industry relationships that we share with our clients. This includes Mineral Landmen, Surveyors, Agrologists, Environmental Professionals, Geologists, Drilling and Completions Personnel, and Construction Superintendents. It’s all about looking at the big picture. We use strategic planning to make sure all your specific requirements are being met.

nickpointlogoTaylor Land Services, through our partnership with Nickpoint Environmental Services offers cost effective environmental solutions. Nickpoint Environmental Services is focused on Canadian Environmental and Regulatory Planning. They service a wide variety of clients by offering experienced teams that deliver accuracy and quick results. Taylor Land and Nickpoint Environmental strive to provide stress free coordination and support.

A Sample of our Categories & Services:

Environmental Assessments & Audits

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Enhanced Approval Processes (EAP)
  • Environmental Field Reports (EFR)
  • Environmental Assessments for Indian Oil and Gas Applications
  • Indian Oil and Gas Audits

Environmental Monitoring & Mitigation

  • Environmental Protection Plans (EPP)
  • Environmental Construction & Wildlife Monitoring
  • Water Quality Monitoring for Watercourse Crossings


  • Water Body Assessments
  • Water Act Approvals and Assessments
  • Water Course and Water Body Crossings & Code of Practice Notifications (COP)


  • Pre-Disturbance Wildlife Surveys
  • Migratory Bird Surveys
  • Targeted Species Surveys â Species at Risk Act and Wildlife Act
  • QAES Fish and Fish Habitat Assessments


  • Rare Plant Surveys
  • Pre-Disturbance Vegetation Inventories and Mapping
  • Riparian Areas Assess


  • Soil Sampling and Profile Descriptions
  • Pre-disturbance Soil Inventories and Mapping
  • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 1, Phase 2, & Phase 3)
  • Conservation and Reclamation (C&R) Plans

Other Categories: Geographic Information Systems, Regulatory Compliance, Reclamation, Archaeology & Historic Resources, First Nations Consultation, Emissions Management & Air Quality Assessments, Socioeconomic, and Noise.

Need an answer to your environmental question NOW? Nickpoint Environmental Professionals are ready to answer your questions 7 days a week. Call our Enviro Hotline at 403-700-2255.

If you need a service that is not listed above, give us a call or email. There’s a good chance we can take care of it too.