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Health and Safety

While there are some companies willing to send their employees out under any conditions, that’s certainly not something we do. Truth is, land agents can find themselves in some volatile negotiation situations, which is why we have a strong Work Alone program. We regulate check-in calls, record appointments and if a landowner is identified as a safety concern, we always send two agents. As outlined in our SECOR compliant safety procedures, any threats to people or property are reported to the client immediately and to the proper authorities, if required.


Regular driver training programs, safety gear and reliable vehicles that undergo regular safety inspections are also a part of our commitment to keeping everyone safe. If on-site visits are required, all field staff have the necessary personal protective clothing, equipment and training required to conform to the clients safety policy, Taylor Land Services SECOR Safety Program and those standards set out by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety.


It all comes back to putting people first. If we take good care of our people, then they can take even better care of you.


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  • PICS
  • ISNetworld
  • ComplyWorks